Lis Engel
Befattning PhD, Senior lecturer
Adress Institute of Exercise and Sport Sciences, Dep. of Humanistics and Social Sciences, Nørre Allé 51, 2200 Copenhagen N. Telephone: + 45 35 32 08 16
  • The aesthetics of movement and dance in theory and practice
  • Phenomenological studies of movement, experience and subjectivity
  • Body-mind techniques in theory and practice
  • Contemporary dance techniques in theory and practice
  • Aesthetics in a pedagogical and existential perspective.
Pågående projekt "Aesthetics of contemporary Movement and dance"
The project aims to examine phenomenological and aesthetic dimensions of contemporary movement and dance and discuss relations between expressive form, experience and creation of meaning from the perspectives of theories of subjectivity, cultural analysis and existential psychology. The collection of data are undertaken as fieldwork in performance spaces and laboratories of dance, video analyses and qualitative in-depth interviews. Analysis and interpretation is based on modern theories of aesthetics, phenomenology, theories of subjectivity and existential psychology and hermeneutical cultural analysis. Main questions are: What forms of
movement and dynamics are characteristic of contemporary movement and dance scène? What body paradigms come to expression in different body-and dance techniques? Which themes are manifested? How can movement as expressive
form or style be interpreted?
Publikationer i urval
  • Engel, Lis, Andersen, Lars Bo ”Effects of body-mind training and relaxation stretching on persons with chronic toxic encephalopathy” Patient education and counseling 39,155-61, 2000
  • Engel, Lis ”Body Poetics of Hip Hop dance styles in Copenhagen” Dance Chronicle 24(3) 351-372, 2001
  • Engel, Lis Krop, psyke, verden Copenhagen: Hovedland-IFI, 2001
  • Engel, Lis ”Forandringens mulighed - om dans som kunstart” Terpsichore. Tidskriftet for moderne dans Årg. 9, nr 1, pp 28-33, 2003
  • Engel, Lis ”Den æstetiske dimension i bevægelse. Et sted for undersøgelse og skabelse af dynamisk form, oplevelse, vision og virkelighed” Idrætspædagogisk årbog - teori om praktik 2003,(in press).
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